An Innovative Green Solution For Pet Owners

Family owned and operated for over 70 years, Van Ness is a leader in providing quality, pet-caring products that fit the needs of your best friend. Every Van Ness product is designed to meet our own industry leading standards for superior benchmarks in quality, functionality, style and safety.

At Van Ness we have made the commitment to ensure all of our products are manufactured with the highest standards in the pet industry. We use only FDA approved materials and everything we put into our products is traceable back to the source. That means we know exactly where our materials are coming from and can ensure they are safe for your pets and family.

That’s why we’re so proud of our Ecoware line of pet supplies. Ecoware provides an innovative green solution for pet owners. Made from molded bamboo, they are safe for the environment AND for your pets.

Offering a wide assortment of dish colors, sizes and decorations, Van Ness Ecoware products require less energy to manufacture and are degradable back to the earth.


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